Hardware Security
5 star rated IDC, ISO9000 Certificated;
Telecom standard IDC, extended function capability, disaster resistance;
Unicom, Telecom dual-internet connection secure internet speed and stability;
99.99% secured electricity supply;
1 minute error response, 24/7 monitored IDC;
Professional storage device for data back up;
Remote disaster recovery once every 24 Hours.
 Software Security
Working with the most advance internet security technology, when you access our website site through industry standard SSL technology, your information will be verified through our server and protected by our data security system;
Utilizing password verification, data abreaction, independent file storage…etc to guarantee the completion and security of your data;
Professional self monitor and warning software;
Support HTTPS transport encryption;
Support LDAP Certificate;
Support VPN or limited IP access.
 Process Management
Extremely strict process management with zero error;
Separate development, test and training servers with actual production server,secured production server operation with 24 hours camera monitor;
Dedicated professional service team for system maintenance;
Independent data base monitoring and system log dairy;
Password verification and high sensitive data encryption;
Under the guidance of Dr Zou Heng Min from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, who is top Chinese data security experts.
 Enhanced Mindset
As a company with strong retail management background, we deeply understand how important the data security means for the brands and customers, which has became the foundation of my company's value;
Clearly every company and organization want to keep their data absolutely secured, completed and collected appropriately.At R-Vision, all of our hardware, software, work process have been strictly tested and managed to ensure the best security level for our customers.