What's Retail Plus

In recent years, the retail industry has faced increasingly fierce competition and new thinking and exploration on products, advertisements, media and channels have been in embryo. Terminal retail stores, which offer customer experience, embody brand image and truly grasp customers, have become the last battle field for brands to showdown.

Retail Plus is a mobile phone application customized for retail industry. It transforms time pockets of retail managers into productivity, makes retail management work simpler, easier and more efficient, helps organizations to break the communication limits, integrates each link of retail, excavates data value in depth and helps brands improve their retail management competitiveness in an all-round way.

Retail Plus is an SAAS service software. Enterprises can download it for use without needing to purchase and install expensive hardware or software. When your business has seen a continual increase, you can easily increase the number of users or upgrade it to aversion with more functions so as to save budget cost of the brand to the largest extent.