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Our core management team is composed of senior officers of international top luxury brands and senior professional personnel in the information technology industry, who have abundant industry resource accumulation and in-depth understanding and grasp of the industry. Besides, we have introduced international advanced management mode and expert team to provide all-round support and guarantee in terms of strategic management, marketing management, technical management and human resources management, etc.

Our technical expert term is composed of excellent senior industry personnel who have served luxury brand IT industry, IBM and Microsoft for many years. The team has had cooperation with main IT suppliers in the industry and over 30% of top luxury brands in China, including Hong Kong. We have customers from all over the world and have built a good reputation in the industry. We have R&D personnel with 10 years of experience in product development and design and product management. The chief director of R&D department has participated in and lead design and R&D of nearly over 100 products both at home and abroad. Our retail expert term is composed of many senior management personnel, who have ever served many international top luxury brand groups and have rich experience in brand retail strategy, retail brand operation system, retail team management and retail market development, etc. Our senior professional management team has provided solid foundation for corporate development.

From here you will be engaged in the high growth industry, which will be most potential in the next 10 years. You will have an access to the core, mainstream and creative techniques, products and marketing philosophy of mobile Internet. If you have desires for a growth platform, core techniques, elite colleagues and advanced concepts, we sincerely welcome you to join us to create the major development era of mobile Internet and share growth value with us!
 Job Recruitment

iOS development engineer

Job description:
Develop iOS applications of the company

Job requirements:
  • Familiar with Mac OS X, solid C/C++ language foundation, familiar with Objective-C language and XCode programming environment;
  • Familiar with development techniques of iPad/iPhone;
  • Good coding habit and document writing habit.

Android development engineer

Job description:
Develop Android applications of the company

Job requirements:
  • Able to use Android Java framework and commissioning proficiently;
  • Able to use various UI components of Android and familiar with their internal principle proficiently;
  • Better have experience in XamarinMonoDroid and MonoTouch.

UI designer

Job description:
  • Design the mobile and Web products of the company;
  • Design and improve user interface and interactive operation procedures of mobile phones.
Job requirements:
  • Strong aesthetic design ability and experience design perception ability;
  • Familiar with UI design of mobile phones;
  • Proficient in the tools like Photoshop/ Flash/ Illustrator/ Core lDRAW/ Dreamweaver;
  • In-depth understanding of HTML and CSS and able to write HTML and CSS code, which conform to basic semantics and W3C specification.

Web development

Job description:
  • Realize interactive effect of user interface of Web application software and website;
  • Develop and maintain Web system.
Job requirements:
  • Experience in development of multilayer structure and distributed structure;
  • Proficient in the techniques like, LINQ, MVC, Xml, Web Service and WCF;
  • Proficient in HTML/XHTML, CSS and DOM and familiar with page framework and layout. Familiar with HTML5/CSS is preferred;
  • Proficient in Javascript, jQuery or similar JS development framework;
  • Familiar with relevant techniques like Ajax and ORM and familiar with Entity Framework;
  • In-depth understanding of the object-oriented programming and development and familiar with common design modes.

Document engineer

Job description:
  • Develop technical documents of products like product manual, user manual, technical scheme of project and white paper, etc;
  • Manage project materials according to specifications of the company;
  • Participate in preparation of relevant templates and procedures of company documents and do relevant productization work of company.
Job requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree or above, strong document writing ability and language organization ability;
  • Proficient in office software like Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Strong communication and understanding ability, careful work and strong sense of responsibility;
  • Familiar with software engineering or good at making of PPT is preferred.

Test engineer

Job description:
  • Test or participate in tests of mobile phone software;
  • Report and track product defects found during tests;
  • Participate in formulation of test schemes and test cases of mobile phone software, as well as improvement and optimization of software test work in the department.
Job requirements:
  • Familiar with software engineering theories, tests and Bug management processes;
  • Able to make test plans and test cases;
  • Familiar with test process and relevant businesses of smartmobile phones;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and learning ability, attention to details and good language expression ability and document writing ability.

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