Shanghai R-Vision Group Network Technology Co., Ltd is a mobile Internet company committed to providing scientific and technical solutions for global retail industry.

It provides customers with products based on the mode of SAAS (Software As A Service) and provides brands and industry with a package of services like retail optimization, quantitative management, operation practice standard, feasibility system evaluation and value feedback tool by using mobile Internet technology, utilizing mobile terminal platform and integrating many years of industry experience.

Headquartered in Shanghai of China, Shanghai R-Vision Group Network Technology Co., Ltd aims to become a leading mobile Internet platform service provider in China and has thus formulated a sustainable corporate development strategy and built a modern corporate team with rich experience in mobile Internet and luxury retail industry.

Every service the company launches is based on the principles of “customer first” and “wholehearted service” and every progress it makes fully represents its respect and care for the customers. For this reason, the company has gained customers from all over the world and is popular with many first-tier luxury brands (including clothes, glasses, cosmetics, watch, jewelry and other personal consumption and retail brands as well as F&B, automobile, SPA, supermarket and bank brands) in France, Italy, Switzerland, the USA and so on.

 Vision And Mission

Shanghai R-Vision Group Network Technology Co., Ltd is committed to becoming a retail management expert in the mobile era.

By providing scientific and technical solutions and tools , it will help brands to improve retail management efficiency and reduce operation expenditures, increase sales profits and improve management of retail industry to make it achieve quantization, optimization and standardization, enable retail personnel to work at any time in any place and transform time pockets to productivity and help brands to cultivate and reserve more qualified, excellent retail management talents in fierce market competition. And by providing brands with analysis of feasibility data, itwill excavate correlation based on big data, improve efficiency of decision-making of brands, expand decision-making latitude of brands, bring brand-new thinking way of retail management and guide the whole retail industry to open up a brand new visual field.